National Engineering Month: Indigenous Perspectives on Engineering and Systems Thinking


Jade Canoe by Bill Reid, on display at the Vancouver International Airport. Source:

This past March was National Engineering Month in Canada, and an organization that I volunteer with, Engineers Without Borders (EWB) Canada, invited me to write a guest blog post on the importance of diversity in engineering. After some reflection, I decided to focus on how learning from indigenous cultures has affected how I view engineering and systems thinking.

While it’s a slightly different topic than the focus of this blog, I think many of the lessons I’ve been exposed to are also applicable to analyzing world events, and may be of interest to the community of readers here.

You can read the short piece here:

EWB Canada also does some great advocacy and analysis on Canada’s development policies, so I would encourage readers to follow their work here. As always, I welcome any feedback on my piece or other articles in the comments section below, as well as on the EWB website. Thank you to EWB Canada for the opportunity to share my perspectives!

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